Moving Forward

As I continue moving forward and finalizing design moves, my changes and tweaks become more subtle but equally as beneficial.

This current iteration isn't drastically different from the previous version, but it's cleaned up and easier to understand. I did however make a few changes, I extended the yoga indoor/outdoor flooring pattern all the way through to the sight next to me to continue the solid plane and move with consistency throughout the site. I also moved the teaching gardens to the top left corner by the stage. On average a class coming to the site or a nutritional class held at the site will have about 26 students and 2 teachers. If about 4 people can garden at each planting bed, about 7 garden beds would accommodate an entire class. In order to appeal to larger group possibilities and to follow the current grid, I extended that number to 9 garden beds placed closer together than the rest of the grid. My hope is that this creates a more intimate, quiet space suitable for teaching and learning. I also placed it close to the stage so that a class could possibly extend there if necessary or some form of nutritional and exercise health classes could work together with the garden, nutrition classes. I kept the rest of the garden plots where they were because I like the continuous flow of courtyard spaces they create. Having the courtyards flow together eliminates awkward movements and hard edges. 

Another slight change I made was extending the sycamore trees into the parking lot to provide shade and comfort. I also moved the parking spaces so that the walkway within the site lines up with a tree and a median instead of a parking space and moving cars. The site is subtly different and I am happy with the impact of these changes.

I drew this next sketch to experience the area for myself and determine the best place to highlight as a perspective with my final renderings. I decided on this location because it showcases the continuous flow through to other sites, the action and life within this site, and the captivating elements it holds. As I continue my process this perspective will become more finalized and clear but this version was necessary in my personal understanding and design critiques.