Section Cut Development

I used all of my previous section cut study sketches and drawings in order to decide on the most informational section cuts. I decided to cut through my site looking from the play space at the yoga studio from the parking lot to the hydroponics building and through my site and neighboring areas looking from the parking lot. In my opinion, these views provided the most information and created an experience. 

The first two images are the view looking at the yoga studio. I cut the section in sketchup and then rendered it with the clay setting so that it would resemble the initial stages of my perspective view and create an unobtrusive background to the life happening in front of it. I decided on one accent color for each section that ended up being too intense, overpowering the image, and overall being unnecessary. So I eventually cut the color out all together and played around with adding Photoshop trees and people throughout the site.

This next section cut is the view from the parking lot that include parts of each site that neighbors mine. I made the same simple mistakes in this one as well.

As we were discussing all of our section cuts as a group, Rose and I discovered two of our section cuts were of the exact same space and our other sections cuts looked at views we already addressed in our perspective images. For those reasons, we decided to condense our less effective section cuts into one detailed, informational section cut. Our hope is that by combining our ideas, efforts, and styles, we could capture a more accurate depiction of what's happening in the site and how the areas relate without providing redundant information. 

This next image is the final section cut view we decided on that gave the most possible information. 

After deciding on the section cut, we brought it back into sketchup and edited it to just be a simple line drawing. Then, we brought it into sketchup and added plants, people, and textures when necessary. Next, we added a picture I had taken at the site into the background to ground the design into it's existing surroundings and added labels for clarity.