Perspective Development

After completing my sketchup model, I went through many stages to develop a successful perspective that fully encapsulated the spirit of the site. I began by moving to eye level view and walking around my site until I found a spot that had every aspect I wanted to include. The below image is the scene I chose that includes the community garden, people relaxing in the courtyard, the yoga studio, the overhead trellis, and just a glimpse into the site on the other side of the studio. The most important aspect of a perspective image is to show people and how they will interact in the site. I began by rendering the sketchup model in a clay mode to show the shadows and simple, gray surfaces, I then began adding textures, plants, and people. This was my first attempt at a digital rendering and it was definitely a learning experience.

After the first iteration I learned about adding filters, shadows, and other details to help bring the site to life. I was extremely excited about adding those elements but first I had to go back in and add the interior of my yoga studio to make it more dynamic and informational. I began by rendering the entire scene again but on a lighter setting without the garage door and windows. Then, I copied the background of my old scene and removed the yoga studio from the new image. Next, I cropped out just the yoga studio from the second rendering and placed it into the new scene. After that, I started the fun part and filled the studio with people, plants, and life. The idea is that even after I added the garage, windows, and the rest of the scene over this image, there would still be a hint of what was going on behind the doors.

This last image is a copy of my final perspective rendering. I changed the people, added more textures, added flooring, added a close up hand to create a first person perspective, and most importantly added filters. I experimented with multiple different filters and different settings but this one was overall my favorite, because when it's printed out it gives the scene a warm feeling and a dynamic quality that makes everything seem cohesive and exciting.