Updated Mission: Food Ark

After our trip to Las Vegas and multiple desk critiques, our group began to reevaluate our mission. We shifted from focusing on reaching out to local schools and bringing food to them, to instead bringing these people to our site. We aim to create a destination for families and kids where they can feel safe in an exciting, educational environment. We will still have the same basic programs but they will be more focused on the identity of the sight. Our mission is to strengthen the community by creating a safe environment for physical and mental health, education, fresh food, and local commerce.

Our mission and design intent develops, so does our group method of design. For this iteration we divided the site into sections based on the overall intent or activity. My site was the community health site and focused around a yoga studio with indoor-outdoor capabilities, community garden plots, and a playground for children and families. This 30-scale plan accentuates the intended circulation routes from the parking lot and other areas of the site. The yoga studio is based on the same height as the surrounding buildings and is intended to improve the community by bringing them together and improving their physical health. It's also intended to get them outside and breathing fresh air, surrounded by the community garden plots. People feel happier and healthier when they work with and around plants and that's the idea behind placing the yoga studio and the playground within the garden plots. Hopefully the community builds and identity with the garden plots and feel connected to the site, each other, and overall the city as a whole.

After a review from James Spiller, we realized our sections were very displaced from each other. Even though we designed them as a group with broad overall design intent, we have to sense of identity connecting them all together. He suggested creating a unified overhead plane and floor plane and creating a unique identity for the site as a whole. He also suggested passing our designs on to other group members and seeing what changes or suggestions they would make in order to create a design we all feel invested in that exemplifies all of our styles and ideas.

Along with the plan of my area of the site, I also drew two section cuts that highlight the movement from the parking lot through the area and the overall experience it creates. 

Lastly I drew a quick perspective view to help me understand the relationship between the garden plots and the yoga studio and help me create walkable distances that have enough room, but still feel connected to the entire experience.

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