Ready for Vegas : Program Ideas

Before we made our trek to the grand state of Nevada for our journey to talk with professionals, expand our site knowledge, and experience the city of Las Vegas with our own senses, we published our mission and programs. 

Our main focus is on education and branching out to families and school children in the downtown Vegas community. Our group aim to build a network with existing programs in the Las Vegas. Prior to creating these boards I did research into educational and nutritional programs in the area including Green Our Planet, The Discovery Children's Museum, Three Square, and Cowboy Trails Farm. These organizations are already thriving and successful in the area. We want to work with them and build a strong network that makes our food hub a necessity without taking away from their programs.

I also did research on the Santa Monica Salad Bar Program and used it as a precedent while developing our school lunch program. All of these local organizations and precedent programs work together with our mission to create an all emcompassing nutritional education hot spot.